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Sweet Stuff Bake Shop


Website Design

Sweet Stuff mockup on Macbook_150px.jpg

Partnering with Web Design by Robin on a website for Sweet Stuff Bake Shop, I designed the home page and Robin built the site, using the front page as the "style guide" for the rest of the website.

Using the client's logo and polka dot graphics they used on their packaging, I designed the home page using the existing color palette. I wanted the home page to convey the same creative and festive feeling that all of their custom confections did.

Melanie, the owner and baker-extraordinaire, had dozens of photos of her custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies and breads, so I included a small gallery on the home page, knowing her work would speak for itself. I also designed custom icons for each of those categories, and when clicked they take you directly to that section on the gallery page.

Custom icon designs

Final home page mockup

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