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MBA Mortgage Corporation


Design of Logo, Branding, Marketing and Print Collateral


MBA Mortgage Branding

MBA Mortgage is a mortgage broker that was founded in 2005. Fast forward nearly 15 years, and they were ready to update their logo and expand their marketing materials to appeal to a younger audience of homebuyers.

Working with the partners, it was clear that it was important to them that the logo retain some elements of the original logo for market recognition. Two of those items were the shield and the tagline which played on the traditional meaning of an MBA. The original logo had elements that were too small and illegible unless the logo was used very large. My solution was to combine MBA and Mortgage on one line in the same font, but differentiate them with color. I shortened the tagline and changed to a bold, condensed font to make it more legible. The shield was also enlarged as was the house graphic inside of it, which also allowed it to become a standalone symbol as part of the branding program. Two versions of the logo were developed, to allow for use horizontally as well as vertically.

Their bold new look was carried on through new marketing materials that I designed, from direct-mail postcards to digital and printed handouts and promotional flyers.

Logo Redesign for MBA Mortgage

MBA Mortgage Logo Redesign

Alternate Logo Configurations

Original Logo for MBA Mortgage

Original MBA Logo

Promotional flyer for First Time Home Buyers Seminar:

client "example" and final design solution.

Challenge: The client wanted a flyer for a First Time Home Buyers Seminar they were planning. They found an example of a "reward" poster that had the type of information they wanted to include, but they wanted the design to fit the younger audience they were trying to appeal to.

Solution: I used stock photos of excited people that represented their target audience and came up with a headline to catch their attention. The rest of the information was laid out in a clear hierarchy with a bright color palette.



Client example for flyer
Eventbrite Header
First Time Home Buyers Flyer

Flyer graphic was also used for the Eventbrite header

MBA Valentine Mockkups.jpg
MBA New Year Mockkup_400px.jpg

Marketing Collateral

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