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Financial Independence Advisors


Design of Logo, Website and Marketing Materials


FIA Website Home Page

The partners at Financial Independence Advisors (FIA) had an existing logo and website, but wanted to update their look to reflect their personality and innovative strategies that set them apart from their competition. 

Since most of their client base referred to them as simply "FIA" they wanted to use those letters as their primary logo. I came up with a simple design that used custom letter forms that extended to create a "frame" around the letters. The letter "I" which stands for "Independence" stood alone in the center.

Their existing website was a template that looked like many of their competitor's sites. They wanted their new website to be warm and welcoming and focused on their clients, so that visitors could easily self-identify that they were a good fit. They wanted the focus to be on the clients, not on themselves. My home page design used a wood background for the main text, which I proposed and they used: "Enough about us – We want to get to know YOU." A slideshow of client types helped identify their target audience, as well as icons that asked which group they identified with and linked to that secondary page. I partnered with Web Design by Robin who built the rest of the site based on this concept and my specs.


View the live website

FIA Logo

Logo Design

FIA Collateral Sheets

Marketing sheets were designed to coordinate with the look and feel of the logo and website.

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