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Network Energetics


Design of Logo, Website, Branding, Marketing Collateral

Network Energetics Stationery

Network Energetics was opening a new office in the Boston Metrowest area, introducing an innovative chiropractic technique known as "Network Spinal". This technique is science-based and they wanted a logo that reflected that. My research on the topic found that people often experience "healing waves" which I wanted to convey through the logo. A spine is at the focal point of the waves This graphic was also repeated on their stationery items.

After completing the logo design, Network Energetics asked me to help with their website, which they had started on By customizing the template they started with, I was able to help them communicate their unique message about their practice and choose photography that would convey the healing nature of their technique that allows patients to experience new energy and better health and well-being.

We followed up the website design with direct-mail postcards to spread the word about their practice and this revolutionary chiropractic technique.

Network Energetics Logo.jpg
Network Energetics Logo Vertical.jpg

Horizontal and vertical configurations for the logo allow for best legibility in different usages.

Network Energetics Home Page

Network Energetics Home Page Design

Below: Direct Mail Postcard Front & Back

Network Energetics Postcard Front
Network Energetics Postcard Back
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