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JMR Adjustment Service


Design of Logo, Website and Marketing Materials


JMR home page mockup on Macbook.jpg

JMR Adjustment Service helps clients deal with insurance claims through a disaster situation, and makes sure that they get the compensation they deserve. They needed a new logo to improve their branding and a website redesign to properly market to a wider customer base.

While they work with homeowners who have been affected by fire, flood, water, and wind, most of their clients are dealing with insurance claims due to flood issues in coastal areas in New England. The logo design used a house with waves that both mimicked the curve of the "J" and connected the symbol and company name.

They wanted the website to be informative, concise and easy to navigate. As public adjusters, they represent the homeowner, who is often intimidated by their insurance company. The home page used an aerial photo of a coastal area, to give the site an upbeat feel rather than showing images of devastation and destruction. Common questions a visitor might have about how JMR could benefit them linked to interior pages with detailed info. A testimonial "above the fold" reinforced the benefits of working with JMR Adjustment Service.

View the live website

JMR Adjustment Service Logo.jpg

Logo Design

JMR Home Page for web.jpg

The home page mockup shows icons that were used to represent the different types of disasters faced by most homeowners.

JMR Flyer and Card Mockup.jpg

Shortly after the JMR Adjustment Service website was launched, a rare but destructive tornado touched down on parts of Cape Cod, causing massive damages. These handouts and business cards were quickly designed and printed to spread the word about their services to affected homeowners.

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