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The Alpha Group Website

Home Page Design

Web Design by Robin asked me to partner on this project, which was a redesign of the website for The Alpha Group, one of the largest, independently-owned staffing services companies in New England. An outside marketing survey of their existing website determined that their home page sidebars were distracting, resulting in visitors not knowing what to pay attention to first. Calls to action were not strong enough and the ability to search jobs was buried too deep in the site. In addition to addressing these deficiencies, the client wanted the redesigned site to have a "superhero" theme, but did not have a clear idea of what they wanted that to look like.

My concept was to use a "hero" image (no pun intended, this is a large image, prominently placed on a web page, generally in the front and center) on the home page. After presenting many stock photo options to the client, it was obvious that a more custom image was needed. The final composite image I designed showed an average woman and man, dressed in their work attire, but with a "superhero" cape added. In the background were more people, representing a range of occupations that The Alpha Group might place workers in. I emphasized their existing tagline, "The People You Need to Succeed", and wrote supporting copy to reflect the superhero theme.

The redesign clearly presented the two main calls to action - one button/click for people looking for a job and one for companies looking to hire. Further down the home page, but still "above the fold" were numbers to visually emphasize The Alpha Group's experience and success rate.

Robin used the theme of the home page to build the rest of the site. Images below show "before" and "after" images.

Home page design mockup

The Alpha Group's home page before the redesign.

The Alpha Group's home page redesign.

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