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DiMonte Lawn & Landscape

Partnering with Web Design by Robin on a website for DiMonte Lawn & Landscape, I designed the home page and Robin built the site, using the front page as the "style guide" for the rest of the website.

In working with Phil DiMonte, the owner, he wanted his website to have a simple front page, showing some of his work. As a small company, there was not a budget for professional photography, so I designed a photo collage for the home page that showed the variety of services they offer, using their existing iPhone photography. Robin continued this collage theme throughout the rest of the site. I highlighted his main services as clickable links in green bars, and "below the fold" included some strong client testimonials.

The final site completed by Robin included some additions to the home page not in the original design, as the site grew as actual content was added. As often happens, clients are able to write or outsource the writing of the content after they can start to visualize the site.


This is what I consider my strength in web design - helping a client determine the main message for their home page and the overall look and feel of the site. Robin works hand-in-hand with clients on the rest of the site, so that the finished site is functional, professional and responsive.

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Above: Final mockup for the home page.

Below: Home page for the live site.

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