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Every Goal Counts with Abby Wambach


Logo Design, Branding, Print, Promotional Graphics, Event Graphics, Web Graphics



Lucas Sports, Inc.

Every Goal Counts with Abby Wambach was a community fundraising event presented by Lucas Sports, Inc. in which soccer organizations from around the country partnered with Lucas Sports and Abby Wambach to raise funds for their organization. I designed the logo, brand identity and all supporting web and print graphics.


The logo for these events conveys the dual meaning of the event name – "Every Goal Counts". The soccer ball is in the goal net, but positive phrases and goals that Abby talks about during her events with the kids are displayed typographically in the background, to emphasize that every kind of goal counts, not just the ones scored on the soccer field. The web banner for the website used elements of the logo and additional motivational phrases faded in the background. This banner was also used on print materials.

Logo Design

Web banner design

Event flyers and forms for both print and email distribution

Custom graphics and templates for announcing weekly contests through MailChimp emails

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