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Antonia's Italian Cuisine & Deli


Website Design


Partnering with Web Design by Robin on a website redesign for Antonia's, an Italian restaurant and deli, I designed the home page and Robin built the site, using the front page as the "style guide" for the rest of the website.

The client's existing website was a few simple pages of menu items, but they were remodeling the restaurant interior and wanted to update the website, as well as the menus. In meeting with the client, he shared samples of the new colors and materials for the interior. I picked up on the maroon accent color and the wood finish, and used those as elements on the new home page. I suggested showing a slideshow of images, with a minimal amount of text. To highlight the three main aspects of the business - Menu, Catering, and Market - I designed custom icons and place them in shapes mimicking their logo. The labels for each were on a ribbon representing the Italian flag.

Because the restaurant has unusual hours, they were listed in the top banner, and the location map was featured on the home page.

The client approved the final mockup, but ended up changing a few items as Robin began to build the site, as often happens when it's time for a client to provide real content. The overall look and feel of the home page did not change. This is a real benefit of digital design - content can be fluid, and should be, as website information often changes and needs updating.

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Final home page design mockup

Custom icon designs. The overall shape was based on the existing Antonia's logo, which could not be used with the outline in the web banner, due to space restrictions.

Interior materials inspired the website's color scheme

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