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Logo Design



NAPO New England - The National Association of Professional Organizers

NAPO is the National Association of Professional Organizers with chapters all over the country. The New England chapter wanted a logo/identity for their program called "Let's Get Organized," which was part of their yearlong 15th Anniversary celebration. Each month they would take on a project designed to bring their professional organizing skills to New England area non-profits.


My initial thumbnail sketches are shown (above left). I like to start by jotting ideas down on paper before moving on to more defined digital designs (above right). Starting with black and white logo sketches and then going through a few rounds of options with the client, getting their feedback, helps me to present a more narrowed down selection of color logo options.

The images below show just some of the stages that I went through with this logo design.


In viewing some of the initial logo sketches, the client liked the idea of having both a horizontal and square version of the logo for their use, since they didn't have specific applications in mind when the logo was designed. My final solution for them included two different, yet related, logo configurations for their use.


Final Logo Design

Logo sketches

Final Logo Specifications

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