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RYCO Excavating Contractor Website

Home Page Design

RYCO Website

Prior to partnering with Web Design by Robin on this, RYCO had a website that was based on a template that was not working for them. One major problem was their site still had placeholder text that had never been updated with actual content. Templates are very limiting – they didn't need as much text as the template was set up with.

For their new site, I used their existing logo and the incredible photography they had of equipment and projects and let the stunning image on the home page do the communicating. Sometimes pictures ARE worth 1,000 words! RYCO wanted a clean and simple site, so I included buttons for all of their services to streamline navigation.

Web Design by Robin built the site, finishing up the rest of the pages with more of RYCO's exceptional photography. She also makes the site responsive, so it resizes properly for all devices.

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Robin and Sheri were able to take my initial design concept and run with it, making suggestions and tweaks that made the completed website far exceed my expectations. Add to that the fact that they completed the project on time as promised, which is rare by many businesses nowadays, and it was an all around positive experience."
Michael Diamond
Operations Manager, RYCO Excavating

The final mockup for the home page differed just a bit from the live site. RYCO decided to add more services to the home page. Robin and I consulted on the best way to do that, while still maintaining the integrity of the mockup the client approved. This is not unusual, as many clients don't have final text ready when I'm designing the home page. It's not a problem, as the design is fluid and can be refined as needed by Robin as actual content is supplied.

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