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Kristen Morrison Architects


Design of Logo and Website

KMA mockup on Macbook.jpg

An experienced and licensed architect of twenty years, Kristen Morrison had recently started her own architecture firm specializing in residential design and remodeling and was ready for a web presence and custom logo design. In meeting with Kristen to discuss her project we discovered that she believed what made her different from other firms is that collaboration was very important to her. Collaboration between herself, the client and the contractor.

For her logo, I used her initials in a script font to give a personal and creative touch along with a font that had a more architectural feel for her company name. She shared color boards that she liked, and I came up with a primary logo for use on her website and business stationery, and a secondary logo for items like lawn signs that would be striking and legible from a distance.

After designing the logo, I partnered with Web Design by Robin to design the home page for Kristen's new website. While wanting her home page to look clean and professional, she didn't want her site to feel pretentious. She wanted homeowners to be comfortable in working with her, and know that this would be a collaboration. I took the text she provided for the home page, and used color and typography weight to emphasize her message, and suggested the "call to action" button state "Let's Collaborate" rather then an impersonal phrase like "Contact Us". A collage of photos on the home page showed the range of some of her projects, which a viewer could see in depth on interior pages of the website. Most importantly, the overall design reflected her design aesthetic.

View the live website

KMA Logo.jpg
Kristen Morrison Architects Logo Alterna

Top: Primary Logo Design

Bottom: Secondary Logo Design

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