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Fiske Public Library

Website Design

Fiske Library Website.jpg

The Fiske Public Library’s website was outdated, unorganized, and difficult for their staff to update on their own. Their site was overflowing with content, but was hard to navigate with multiple menus and no clear organization of information. In addition, their site was not mobile-responsive, making it virtually unusable by the younger families and youth they were trying to connect with.

I'm a frequent visitor to the library and serve on the Friends of the Fiske board. The library webmaster reached out to me to do a complete redesign. While the design and reorganization of the site was a pro bono project that I was excited to take on, the website development and building/coding was not part of my wheelhouse. I partnered with Web Design by Robin, who built the site in Joomla.


We determined that they needed to modernize and simplify their site to better inform the public of the many diverse offerings of the library. An intense site reorganization was done, mapping every item that was on their current site, and coming up with a new site map that was more intuitive and clearly organized. Much like the physical library is organized by book genres and specific areas that patrons could use, the new website was organized to help the virtual visitor to find the books, programs or services that they were looking for.

We used drop down menus, find-it-fast buttons, icon image links, and a search tool to help organize content and give the user-experience top priority. My work included custom icon and symbol designs for many of these items. The website is also now mobile-friendly.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the library was only open for curbside pickup. The website which was previously an afterthought, became a very important communication vehicle for keeping the public updated on library offerings and news.

Check out the live website

Fiske Home Page Mockup.jpg

Redesigned Home Page Design

New Page Organization for Library Website: This shows the pages that will appear in the menu bar and new pages under each that are in dropdown menus on the website.

Fiske Site Map.jpg

Custom Web Graphics and Icons Designed for the New Website

FunForKids Icon.png
Tweens&Teens icon.png
AdultPrograms Icon.png
ChildrensPrograms Icon.png
MuseumPasses Icon.png
NewBookListing Icon.png
PassportServices Icon.png

Library Home Page Before

Fiske Lib old home page screenshot.png

Library Home Page After

Fiske Home Page Mockup.jpg
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