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CRSS Inc. was an architecture, engineering and construction management firm with offices around the U.S., each producing their own design and marketing collateral. As an in-house designer at CRSS Graphic Design, my team came up with a design system using a color bar, identification boxes and typography standards that would give a visual consistency to items, yet allow each group to customize their pieces to best fit their market and audience.


Above & Below: Print collateral items included marketing brochures, client reports, employee communications, and proposal covers.


Right: Moving Announcement for CRSS Graphic Design – this group was located in a small building next to a much larger office tower that housed the corporate offices. When the company consolidated all groups into the tower, we knew there would be confusion with visitors to the new location. I designed this announcement to stress the slight change in the address, and highlighted the "shift" in red for further emphasis. This announcement was designed as a self-mailer with two scores so that it could be folded and sealed with an adhesive sticker.


CRSS Graphic Design Moving Announcement

CRSS Market-Focused Brochures


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